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Cavalier puppies for sale

Lifespan: 9-14 years

Adult Weight: 13-18 lbs.

Shedding: Moderate


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel LOVES to be with its family and craves attention. It is cheerful, playful, and intelligent—an ideal dog to carry with you and share your time with. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do not bark frequently. They are generally well behaved, but can sometimes be timid or stubborn.

Available Cavaliers

cavalier puppy for sale scout.jpg


Breed: Cavaliers

Gender: Male

D.O.B.: 6/3/23

Price: $1,400

cavalier puppy for sale sailer.jpg


Breed: Cavaliers

Gender: Male

D.O.B.: 6/3/23

Price: $1,400

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Past Sold Cavalier

Haddie Cavalier female puppy


Haley female Cavalier puppy


Hal male Cavalier puppy


Henry male Cavalier puppy


Hank male Cavalier puppy


Cavalier puppy for sale


If you live too far away to come pick up the puppy, or need it to be delivered, we will work out a way to get the puppy to you. Please read the Adoption Process for full information.

Your new puppy is guaranteed up to one year from purchase date against any major genetic defects. Please read the Health Guarantee for full information.

Trained Puppies

We start training all of our puppies for you. We make sure they are socialized and train them to use doggy doors from an early age.

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