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Adoption Process

Adopting Puppies 4 Weeks or Older

If you decide you are ready to adopt, the first step is to place a deposit. Our deposits are $200 and are non-refundable. If you are local, deposits can be made in person with cash, personal check, or card. If you want to make deposit without visiting, we can do that via PayPal or Quickbooks invoice. Please note, we cannot hold a puppy until the money is in hand confirming that the deposit has been placed. Credit Card payments are subject to an additional 3% merchant fee, which would bring the total for the deposit to $206.

All Puppy Adoptions

When you place your deposit, we will collect your contact information and schedule a day with you to pick up your puppy or have your puppy shipped to you (if applicable). If your puppy is old enough to go home (8 weeks of age), you will have 1 week from the date the deposit is placed to pick up your puppy. If the puppy you choose is not old enough to go home, we will hold the puppy up to, but no more than, one weeks from their go home date. If a puppy is not at least 2 pounds or is not fit to go home, we will hold them until we deem them fit, free of charge. If you cannot pick up your puppy within the one-week time frame, you must request the extended stay to be approved by management. If we agree to hold your puppy, you must pay for your puppy in full upon approval and will be subject to $10 a day boarding fee.

Upon picking up the puppy, or the day before having the puppy shipped to you, the remainder of the balance for your puppy must be paid in full.  We accept Credit and Debit cards, and cash. Please be advised, if you choose to pick up your puppy from our facilities, we must charge a 7% sales tax on your puppy. This amount may not be included in the price given to you upon visiting or calling. 

How Does Shipping A Puppy Work?

Due to the limited flights available and strict temperature restrictions,  shipping via airplanes is difficult but possible. Because of this, we prefer  puppies be picked up from our facilities or travel via vehicle. The  driver fee is $0.75/mile round trip in addition to the cost of the puppy. If you want to receive a puppy this way, you can find a location and a time that you would like to meet at, and we can get back to you with the cost estimate and our availability. Pickup time must be schedule.

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